4 Top Working From Home Jobs

Come to think of it, working from home has many perks. For one, no sulky boss is trying to share with you a dose of his Monday blues. Even better, you have no pressure of having to beat the traffic morning and evening.

As long as you maintain a clear focus, there is a higher chance of increased productivity with working at home. Below are just some of the better-paying jobs you can consider working at home.

Online Tutor

Education as we know it is not the same today. More parents are taking up private tutoring for their kids, and more are doing it online. For anyone with some background in education, this can be a highly lucrative venture. For any other person, many international students need coaching in the English language.

Students from China, for instance, have realized that their future is only possible with knowledge of English. All you need to do is have a stable internet connection at home so you can skype and teach such students the basics of the English language. Experienced certified teachers can make up to $85 per hour while non-professionals can earn up to $20 per hour.

Freelance Blogger

The internet has opened many doors of opportunity, and one of them is demand for web content. Today, many writers are creating new articles for publishing online you can take that up too. And you know what? This job does need any previous experience; all you have to do is piece some great sentences together to make between 400- 1000 word articles.

Many sites are looking for online freelance writers. All they will require of you is a few writing samples to get started. Many freelance bloggers earn up to $160. Experienced writers can make more than $1,500 per piece.

Social Media Marketer

This job is suitable for all people that have a massive following on social media. As long as you know your way around Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, social media marketing quick way to make money. You can become an influencer for brands looking to drum up their presence online. How does that work? It is simple, in your post that attracts many followers, what you will have to do is mention the company or product in question.

Alternatively, you can decide to take up one brand and become their social media manager. This job involves creating social media posts, sharing and starting up conversations online. Pay is between $15 and $75 per hour

Graphic Designing

Graphic designing is one of the creative jobs that pays highly for self-employed more than employed individuals. Freelance graphic designers are in high demand these days. The more projects you accomplish, the more you get paid. You can start with social media posts. Many digital marketing companies are looking for someone to create simple and captivate social media posts. Similarly, you can subscribe to a site like 99designs which links designers with clients.

Close to 40 million Americans work from home. What this means for you is time to stop pounding the pavement and find a lucrative way to make money from your couch.

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